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Monday, July 16, 2007

It's been a whirlwind of shopping, eating and sight-seeing these past few weeks as Moe and I wander around Singapore(occasionally looking like tourists with our shorts, t-shirts and running shoes complete with uber-cool knapsacks). The Great Singapore Sale has been taking much money from Moe, but I haven't been shopping quite as much! :P Which is tres surprising. lol.

But yesterday, after stuffing ourselves silly with Indian food at Little india, we decided we'd check out the 24 Hour Shopping Centre Mustafa. It's pretty much heaven lol! But a very crowded heaven... :P
And since I'd just earnt $75 working for mumsy I decided I'd get some things for my iPod.

Cool headphones iPod compatible, not actual Apple ones. iLuv i think was the brand. and they cost me $19.

FM Transmitter. I've wanted one of these for ages!! $28.00

Very fake converse shoe imitations. hahahaha. $18.50. With dodgy butterfly design on the side. but OH WELL.

And but of course, a lovely photo taken whilst very hard at work with Hamz on Saturday. :P

We took many random photos, until Dad finally got annoyed because we kept giggling while we had nothing else to do but take photos.

This evening, Moe, Jerri and I went to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Moe and I had already watched it once before last Thursday, but we a little bit of the beginning, so we decided that we should watch it again! :P Only because movies are so cheap compared to aussie prices. I'd never watch the same movie twice in Perthopia (only at the cinemas of course.)! Never ever.. lol.
So, the first time we watched it, we were highly disappointed because it seemed like it chopped the book up so much and scattered it everywhere and tried to make it fit.
The second time round, it was a little better, but still disappointing! hahaha i mean, yeah i know, it couldn't have changed that much in a span of 3/4 days! So yeah, then we went to Ice Lemon Tee which was havin a crazy discounted sale. Bought 3 pairs of earrings and 2 mini photo frames for only $1.95 like WHOA. lol.
Weird Story
In the shop, two of the staff were looking at Jerri and I and chattering excitedly in chinese or something. The older lady came up to us, then the convo went something like this:
Older woman: "Where you guys from?"
Me: "Singapore, but we live in Australia."
Older woman: "Ohh, your mum is what?" (Bad english, but hey I didn't say it!)
Me: "Emm, she is Filipino..." o_O
Older woman: "Then your dad?"
Me: *feeling a little weirded out*"He is Chinese"
Older woman: *chatters excitedly with chick behind counter* "My friend here says you girls very pretty!" *proceeds to pinch Jerri's cheeks, at which point Jerri looks extremely uncomfortable. And the chick behind the counter is smiling gaily and waves*
Me: ???????? *wtf, right...*
Yeah, then they just keep chattering and smiling and patting Jerri's head and smiling at me trying to get us to buy stuff.
frickin strange. hahaha.
I'm guessing they were only aiming that comment for Jerri hahaha. Cos she got the looks in the family!
Big doe eyes, skinny and nice facial features.
I'm like... Quasimodo compared to her. And she's still young. lol.
I don't really care that I'm not skinny, I'm far from it.
I can't touch skinny with a 10-foot-pole! How unfortunate.
I have my friends, my family and that's all I care about.
I don't care about how I look, and I don't care what others may say, because my friends don't really care either.
I just wish that perhaps a special someone will come along and just like me for who I am. But then again, I have a strange erratic personality some times :P So it could be quite impossible. :D
Whatever will be will be.
Mais,maintenant, je mal a la gorge.

Haha. Woo, French is still in Brain. YAY.
Speaking of wishing, I love wishing when I see 11:11 on the clock, but it doesn't really come true much. :P
Once I wished for it to be 11:12, and GUESS WHAT.
The watch actually STOPPED.
Like WTF. I'm very unlucky. Which sucks.
Off to the Chinese and Japanese gardens tomorrow! :D woooo.
I smell like Henna because I've applied it onto Moe's hands with this weird rubber template, but it didn't turn out that great. too light. and i've tried to make a weird butterfly on my left fore arm but it just looks like a slanted smudge.
Hmm. How so very interesting.
I've finally watched Mistress of Spices with Aishwarya Rai in it.
The book was better. :P
edit// and just because I feel like it here are my Semester One uni results:
Graphics Communication 111: (Photography, Typography, Visualising): High Distinction :O 87%
Public Relations 102: Credit :( 68%
Journalism 111: Credit :( 68%
MCI 101: Distinction! :D 71%
My Photography results were crazy./beautiful Wasn't expecting that good a mark.
Sadly, the units i had to study for I didn't do as good. But hey it was almost a distinction for both! But my rents were a little peeved that once again, my arty subject took more time than my study subjects. :( It's like Year 11/12 art and design all over again. :(

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