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Friday, December 07, 2007

My pretty dress!! Ripped!! :(
Mum tightened the straps too much today... So the tension ripped the material. :(
boohooo.. :( but it held out for the majority of the day. And I'll be able to fix it up real good.

So not cool :(
Today started badly.
after going to bed at approximately 3am and having forgotten to set my alarm, I awoke to my phone vibrating noisily on the bedside table. (BTW I was only awake that late because I was trying to finish making your bracelet!!! hahaha) Picked up, and lo and behold, it was Audrey going HEY WHERE ARE YOU!!
Glance at the clock.
It is already 11.30. I was sposed to be at her house at 10.30am. bahahaha.
Got up quickly and dressed and prepared with lightning speed! =P
Then Mum dropped me off. Audz wasn't even ready -_-". Played with Richie for awhile before discovering my ripped dress :( Finally, we left the house at around 12.30ish, and made our way to Harbourtown. Now, the day gets better. =)
We "adventured" on the train, as Audrey had never even heard of the underground trains before! You are a doofus... haha. On the first train from the Esplanade, there was a man in a wheelchair, who got really pissed off when the people started to pour in at the Perth train stop before letting us out. He was yelling LET PEOPLE COME OUT FIRST at everyone, and half of the crowd stopped going in to let him out, all looking rather scared and disorientated.
Started walking to the Wellington Street train station from the underground ones, and was mildly surprised to see these awesome colour changing lights lining the walls! They were so cool... we were tempted to go camwhore next to them =p
Oooh pretty colours =D
Finally we made our way to City West, where a shopping haven stood awaiting us =D
But first, lunch! =)
Couldn't really decide what I wanted to eat, and Audrey had already bought something from Pure & Natural. I got a watermelon juice from there, except the juicer they use hadn't been cleaned in awhile, so there was all sorts of funky (but bad) fruit tastes in it :s
Finally, decided I'd just go with Subway :) And Audrey made me buy cookies. haha.
Salami, cheese, BBQ sauce & lettuce on that Parmesan-ish bread. Deeeelish.
After lunch, it was time to go shoppinggg!! :)
Went all around both floors, finding some pretty excellent bargain..
Now I'm fully regretting not buying those woolly? dresses that looked oh-so-cute. And they were 2 for $15! :O So so regretful.

One of my first purchases =D
Coral-ish crop jacket-y thing. Part of a 3 for $15 deal =) Looks kinda cool..
Next part of the 3 for $15 deal. Bought 2 of these, one in my size, and one in my sister's! :) SO we match =D embarrassingly... hehe. I love the lil skull things... My sister loves the tshirt too.Light brown/tan singlet with plastic rings on the straps.
$6.95 from Valleygirl!! :)
Bluegreen tank? top with funk layering across the chestal region. hahaha.
$6.95 from ValleyGirl! :)
Random purple dress thing. Very basic. But real comfy.
$4.95 from Table 8. What a freakin bargain. =)
And this ain't a very good pic, is it.. lol
Table 8 grants my wish for a black bather top! :) WOOT!
YES, I'm aware that I neither go to the beach nor swim. I just think they're hell comfy.. haha.
$14.95, what a bargain for such immaculate quality =0 The flower may pose abit of a washing problem though... lol.
And here begins the accessories section =D

Wicked light gold clutch bag. $6.95 from Valleygirl =D It's the cutest thing. It even comes with a little purse attached on a gold strap thing on the inside. Except its a nightmare to try and click open... :S

Little white bag thing from Cotton On.
It's kinda stained and discoloured, But I don't care because it cost me just ONE BUCK! :)
I'm so proud of my bargainous buys. :P
Brighter pics :)
Random angle of the bag whilst I was sitting in Gelare waiting for my iced coffee... Which seemed much stronger than usual today !
More bargainous buys! :) All costing just $1 each from Cotton On!
The ones that resemble pearls have been hijacked by Carrot. :PDifferent view. Waiting in Gelare. :P

And to finish off our harbourtown adventure, what better to do than take mindless camwhoring shots of oneselves. :P

Audrey sending me home afterwards. =) I wasted many shots trying to capture her in the frame as well as me until I finally got these! :) And YES I am aware I look like a retard.
Audrey.. looking harried. Probably because she's getting irritated by me :p
And so those pictures mark the end of our Harbourtown adventure. :)
I should be asleep now. Tomorrow (well today actually) and Sunday we are going to some far away shopping centre to do volunteer gift wrapping for St Vincent de Pauls. :) Some poor unfortunate souls are gonna get Xmas presents this year which have been delightfully wrapped by moi. Well, they may not be very well wrapped. :P haha.
and I should be asleep so I don't fall asleep at the table and get scissors in my eye or something. Speaking of objects in eyes.. I watched an episode of Grey's anatomy the other day, and this boy got a pencil stuck in his eye. that image is stuck in my mind. and it doesn't wanna leave. :O
Anyhow. Back to my life. :P
I've got 2 more driving lessons on Monday and Tuesday. Wanted to ask Mum if she could "supervise" me taking a spin out in ye olde Lexus, but I'm not fond of driving ye olde Lexus, as it is so long and heavy. :S My driving instructor encourages me to concentrate on what I'm doing by telling me he doesn't want to be killed by me today. hahaha.
Well, I don't want to be killed by me, so of course I concentrate.
I concentrate so much I don't even make audible responses to his comments. My responses become a quick nod, or a hmm or ahh. or yep.
;p lol ;p
But he is a jolly man. Although he can be slightly intimidating.
My laptop is sick. So I had to sneak onto Mum's comp whilst she was asleep in Jerri's room. :P
She'll kill me if she knows I logged onto MSN to talk to Audrey. heh.
Then Audrey's msn went nuts.. haha. so that worked out well!
Audz & I were talking about cars today.. And well, since I'm already learning in a Honda Getz (which is silver, and alright looking :D) I figure I'll let Dad get me one, since he's wanted to get me one for about 2 years. Although I really did want a Honda Jazz. It's such a ladies car. =D Very roomy too, I love it! Moe has a white one.. :) And I'm not a fan of white cars, in fact, i absolutely hate them.
However I do love Moe's car.=D Tis a rare exception. I think she called it... Judy? I think, haha.

Anyway. I decided I would ask for one of these colours.
Black, white and red are just too common on the streets here! :)
there's the Teal-ish colour. Ice blue colour. and Midnight blue colour.
Although I'm sure that it's actually called Blue Onyx. haha. Oh I'm blue (dabadeedabadie) :P
So yeah, those are my colour choices =D You can tell I love my blue. :) Although I wouldn't mind it in that pretty light sunshine yellow =D It's pretty.
But I'd love a Honda Jazz in that pretty Lilac colour, or that awesome salmon orange/pink colour. =) Heck, you know what, I'd even take a white Honda Jazz. =P Although I'm sure Moe will be pissed that I have the same car. haha. =)
Oh look at me. See how driving lessons change you.
I NEVER talk about cars.
Except mini coopers & VW Beetles. =D Those are my dream cars. =D
Speaking of those, Audz and I saw a L-plater in a really beautiful red and white mini cooper today.
Our jaws fell to the ground in jealousy :)
One week 6 days to my design interview!! :O

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