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Monday, December 03, 2007

I love my just about 3 year old camera. Tis a Nikon Coolpix P2 and it functions b-e-a-utifully. :)
Even my dad is in awe of it. :D And he is hard to please! lol.. I hope it stays alive for awhile longer, i'm going to be very sad when it does die. :(
Been making some jewellery today, ahh forgot to take a pic of one, but it is hanging around my neck, so meh.
Made 2 necklaces, and a bracelet, all of which I have never ever made before! My speciality lay in earring making.. :P

Used orangey-pink cloisonne beads and a whitishyellow pearl for this pendant. Looks okay, I was sort of uninspired.. haha

Large green plastic bead with random swarovski crystals and cloisonne bead.

! Mon Piece de Resistance ! =D
A bracelet, with brownish & whitish pearls, as well as clear swarovski crystals and silver bead caps. lol

This picture isn't that great, but it picks up the detail of the flower bead caps well..

This pic sorta dulls out the bead cap, but the pearl colours are nice.
I made this one for Audrey yesterday, but mum helped with the necklace cord, I just did the pendant. She liked it muchly =D

Aside from jewellery making, I was rudely awoken by the sound of Yoda saying "Your phone, ringing it is, press the button you must." =p
It was the driving instructor, who i was only supposed to be meeting at 2.30pm today. And what, you may ask, was the time then? Only 8.30am! I was freaking out, and mum wasn't even there, so i quickly rang her, because he was outside and i was in no fit state to drive! I was only semi-conscious, having had a late night yesterday.. lol. so there goes my lesson for today, cos the dude got it wrong.... hmm. i'm not loooking forward to them anyway, i'm too paranoid to get behind the wheel and drive. The only time i've ever gotten behind the wheel, we barely made it past the neighbours house because mum was too paranoid about my attempt at driving. hmm the paranoia must be genetic! lol. but yeah, not looking forward to it one bit, partly because of the pressure i'm under to try and take the driving test ASAP, and partly because i have never intended to learn and am most displeased that i have to now. i have great doubts in my ability to handle cars, the only thing i can do in them, is pop the hood, pop the boot, start the engine and turn the radio on! (argh i just brutally stabbed my ear with my thumbnail. it is now throbbing.) anyway, i just can't wait for this bloody week to be over.
Leaving for Spore soon, and i'm so happyhappyhappy. I wanna see my dad, and my bestest friends again. :) and i wanna escape the summer heat!! lol. actually it's been pleasant lately, warm with a chilly wind.
going to good ol' harbourtown with audrey on friday, for some much needed retail therapy. :)

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