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Monday, January 21, 2008

people say that
is good for the soul.
ok so that's not what people say, but that's what i say, even though it's not good for one's wallet. :P
anyways, i've been making loads of jewellery to past the time away, and today we went bead shopping (yet again.) but i've decided to update with some photos today! :)
i was awoken after a dreamless sleep this morning (well,.. sunday morning) and had to struggle to get out of bed.. usually i just get to sleep til whenever so it was odd being dragged out of bed today. :P anyway, we had to go to church, and i was so tired i could barely stand up without wobbling. after church we headed to my aunt's place for lunch. pretty nice lunch although i didn't eat that much, so i got really hungry whilst we were walking around the bead shops. :P
(actually i'm also really hungry right now..) bought loads of charms and beads and stuff from the shops, burnt a nice hole in mum's wallet. haha. :)
we went home after that, without the rents, and i commenced the ritual arrangement of the new things into our plastic containers and new boxes. :D then continued making more jewellery whilst watching the last 3 episodes of Heroes season 1.. thank the lord for this weekend's Heroes marathon :D it was my main source of entertainment. (:
anyways, these few pics are what i've been getting up to these past few days. =D
here is the wicked ass earring rack thing that spins mum bought for me during our previous trip to the bead shops. it's getting fulll :D
Photo kindly taken by hamz.. i look retarded, but the earring rack does not, so hey.
elastic necklace.

another elastic necklace, but this one is more of a choker..
i loves it muchly ! :D
elastic bracelets. :D
yes i'm aware i've been making loads of elastic crap, but they are really effective and pretty anyway :D people DO need breaks from bending wire and losing jump rings ya know!:P
anyway, here are some metal ones:P
velvet cord plastic pearl and heart shaped charm necklace.
oh so fab.

if i do say so meself. :P
velvet cord choker with plastic bronze rings and shapes.

personalised charm bracelet.
belongs to moi.
features rose, ballerina, heart, star and zodiac charm.
close up of the zodiac charm. it reads snake in chinese, and has a cute little snake engraved on the other side. :D
fun beachy blue earrings.
plastic starfishies and blue plastic balls.

cool bronze funky earrings. :D
more funky bronze earrings with sort of tribal pattern on the beads:D
aaaaaaand that's all the jewellery i could be bothered taking pictures of and blogging about them. hahaa.
we were shown this rather interesting.. contraption at one of the shops near the bead shops today.
you can do your hair with it, and make it all cool.. and shit.
amazing! incredible!

yeah haha it doesn't look that great.
looks better in real life.
in other news, i bought my first pair of aviators which i think looked normal on me!!
at last i have my long awaited pair of aviators...
most of the ones i've tried in other places make me look retarded. or should i say, i make them look retarded. haha either way. this pair is cooooool :D bahaha i hope they look alright.
i'm gettin olddd. all my joints r achey. haha.

just to end off with a random picture of my mom's spring rolls.
for all you crazy people who've been lucky enough to sample them..
evil.. bahaha.

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